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About us
The Japanese Society for Person-Centred Dementia Care (PCDC) is a specific non-profit organization (NPO) active in developing the concept of Person-Centred Care in Japan.

Our Aim
The Japanese Society for Person-Centred Dementia Care aims to promote quality of life for people with dementia by providing individual support based on the concept of person-centred care. We provide services in improving medical services/care, and education involving the discussion of related matters among people with dementia, carers, professionals, family members and local residents. We intend to create an environment in which people with dementia can live in the community without anxiety.

Our Activities
We engage in the following non-profit activities to achieve the above objectives:
1. Promotion of healthcare and welfare
2. Promotion of social education
3. Protection and promotion of human rights
4. Management and sporting activities relating to the above

We also provide the following services to achieve the above objectives:
1. Planning and management of workshops on person-centred care
1) Monthly meetings (once every three months for each of three groups)
・ Discussion of a variety of member achievements
・ Person-centred occupational therapy study groups
・ Dementia care mapping study groups
2) Lecture presentations
・ Special lectures by invited specialists
・ Introductory courses on person-centred care
3) Dispatch lecturer services
・ Lectures on person-centred care at institutions
・ Presentations on dementia care mapping at institutions

2. Planning and management or assistance in the organization of research activities relating to person-centred care.
We deal with knowledge on the development of quality in dementia care. Related achievements are reported at academic conferences and published in related journals.

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